What you need to know about Top Nails?

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Top Nails
84 Dover Crossing Rd, Clarksville TN 37042
(931) 648-3246

We understand you have had a rough day or a hard week so we make sure that you feel relaxed as our professionals attend to you. Your comfort is our priority because we love great feedbacks. We not only bond with your professionally but we have some time for light moments with you since we understand your work schedule may not have a room for that.

Our Customer Care

Our customer care is on top notch. We don’t care whether you are a first time or a long time client because we treat all our clients the same. The moment you enter to our nail salon you are welcomed by cheerful people who takes you through the services we offer. After that, you are shown in to a waiting room where you are entertained as you wait to be attended. We don’t have long waiting queues because we have enough professionals to attend to you.

Our Products

We carefully choose wide range of products that are of high quality. We understand that our clients’ needs something that is long lasting and appealing. This ensures that our clients don’t have to worry about chipping and ugly looking nails. One of our clients wrote on her Facebook timeline “clearly this is a nail salon near me”. She wrote this because she was very happy with the services.


We ensure that we keep our nail spa clean and adhere to very strict sanitation practices. There is a saying that goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. We don’t ignore that fact because we understand that your health should be taken seriously. This is done by ensuring that we sterilize our equipment regularly.

Our Motto

We pride ourselves in ensuring that all you nail problems are taken care of. We engage on one on one conversation where you are allowed to give your feedback and air your dissatisfaction. This ensures that our well trained staff gives the clients the best. Again, since we do some follow-up of our clients, we are able to understand each and every clients needs.

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For any questions or comments you might have, please let us know by filling out this form or simply call us (931) 648-3246